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Turnkey house construction

A-ES Group Construction offers high-quality private house construction, we perform the most complex technical construction works, and we have accumulated considerable experience in the construction and reconstruction of private houses.

Construction of a private house and its process

  • At the beginning, a private house project is developed, which is coordinated with the building board;

  • Fencing of the territory, creation and preparation of the construction site, so that safe construction works can begin;

  • Removal of topsoil;

  • Construction of the foundations of a private house: excavation of the construction pit, pressing down of construction axes and cutting of communication trenches, creation of the foundation base, assembly of foundation forms and installation of reinforcements, preparation of the site for concreting the foundations, then the concreting of the foundations itself begins, then the work is completed with the disassembly of the forms, waterproofing of the foundations, engineering communications leads the construction, foundation insulation and filling of the construction pit.

  • The construction of the walls of the 1st floor is underway;

  • Cover construction (ceiling construction works);

  • Roof construction construction works;

  • Installation of windows and doors;

  • Insulation of enclosures;

  • Exterior wall finishing works of the building;

  • Construction of heating systems and their testing;

  • Internal works: construction of internal engineering communications, construction of load-bearing partitions and finishing works;

  • Interior works (tiling, painting, laying floor coverings, etc.);

  • Territory improvement;

  • Commisioning of a building.

We, A-ES Group Construction, have completed various private house construction works and can be sure that we will be able to fulfill any customer's order, starting with the private house project plan and ending with commissioning. One of our most interesting projects is the construction of a four-story private house in Jurmala, where one floor - the first floor - is part of the basement construction. Read more here.

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