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Assembly works

Company group «A-ES Group Construction» – assembly works of any complexity, fast, inexpensive, but most importantly high quality and safe!

Nowadays, the rhythm of life is constantly increasing. Thanks to the production of ready-made sets, time and labor are reduced. That is why the network of manufacturers of prefabricated products makes the assembly structure one of the leaders in the construction of technological processes. The process includes logistics, work preparation and assembly itself.

In the logistics stage, assembly products are loaded from the production plant, transported to the object, unloaded and placed on the construction site. Then the small structures are grown, transforming them into much larger parts, and are also equipped with Rigging

(ropes, ropes, chains, blocks)   devices, for precise installation. Installation is completed by lifting, transporting around the site, setting up on site and fixing. Often these works are carried out by welding, cementing and sealing of joints, anti-corrosion treatment, grounding.

The company group «A-ES Group Construction» performs all assembly works and is fully equipped with a modern technical base. We install advertising structures (stands, banners, message boards), roofs, various fences, any structures made of metal, wood, or concrete and much more. All works are managed by experienced specialists who are fully equipped with effective technologies. We implement the most complex projects. And we are sure of the quality of the assembly work, which is why we guarantee you perfect functioning of the installed structures. We work in accordance with all relevant norms and standards.

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