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Construction of the State Revenue Service building

Client:   SIA "RE&RE"
Place:   Riga, Talejas iela 1
Area: ~50,000 m2
Completion date:   2014

In 2014, our company completed work on the State Revenue

service buildings. The best professionals in their field with extensive work experience were selected for the construction team. Our task was to carry out interior finishing works with limited access to the interior spaces and an increased level of security in the building.

Challenges and Solutions

We built partition walls from different materials, including plasterboard. Special reinforced profiles were used when mounting with a metal frame in places with increased load (windows and doorways). In some cases, wooden beams were additionally used. The concrete coating was treated with a special composition. This impregnation includes several functions: it strengthens and repels dust, as well as improves the surface and protects the concrete structure from crumbling, guaranteeing longevity.

After building all the structures and treating the surfaces, we started the final work, the decorative finishing. All plasterboard joints and corners were additionally secured with special tapes and then puttyed.

We covered pre-prepared walls with lacquer coating, where complex color solutions with deep tonality were used.

Despite the complexity of the working conditions, we performed all the necessary work on time and at a high level.

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