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Construction of the administrative building

Project Description

Client:   SIA "Alfa Construction"
Place:   Riga, Sporta iela 1

Our company repaired the administrative 14-story building. Many tasks were installed: constructions of fire protection devices, assembly of plasterboard structures and finishing works.

Challenges and Solutions

From the point of view of construction and engineering, the building is very complex, but thanks to high professionalism and extensive work experience, our team easily coped with the set tasks.

Special attention was paid to the prevention of the possible spread of fire in the building. To do this, effective fire protection structures were imported and installed. They include special windows, doors and partitions that are able to stop the spread of fire.

Multi-level ceiling assembly and complex-shaped plasterboard partitions were made according to pre-compiled and coordinated sketches. All frame elements were installed strictly according to the drawing and strengthened in window and door openings. The plasterboard joints were laid straight and fixed with a special tape.

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