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Reconstruction of the residential house

Project Description

Client:   SIA "BMS Tehnologija"
Place:   Riga, Kr. Barona Street 66/68
Area: 1,564 m2
Completion Year:   2016

Our company carried out a partial reconstruction of a two-story apartment building in the city center. Our task was to completely replace the tomb and staircase.

Challenges and Solutions

Before starting the work, we drew up a reconstruction project. The client's requirements were to strictly adhere to the overall style of the building, high quality and longevity of the structure. Detailed geometric measurements of the existing stairs, thoughtful ergonomics and safety of use were created.

The first stage was the dismantling of useless structures. Powerful professional tools and high competence allowed us to complete this work in just a few days.

The next stage is the production of new elements to replace the collapsed ones and their delivery to the construction site. Thanks to the fact that our company has its own production plant of reinforced concrete products, all the details of the tomb were developed quickly and qualitatively, but most importantly, exactly according to the specified measurements.

The last stage is assembly. Our team installed stairs, platforms and railings quickly and with high quality. After installation, all surfaces were thoroughly treated and a cosmetic finish was applied. The total reconstruction time was 1.5 months.

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