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Future projects



Florida Quarter Development

A-ES GROUP CONSTRUCTION – performs the design and development of the Florida quarter

It is planned to create a modern infrastructure, a filling station, a place for temporary parking of vehicles, and a recreation area on the bank of the Jugla river


Development of the recreation complex

A-ES GROUP CONSTRUCTION - designs and plans the construction of a recreation complex near Stopiņi lake. The project provides for the construction of a comfortable guest house using modular technology and the creation of recreation areas near the Sauriešu lake.



Nice Office block on Krasta Street

A-ES GROUP CONSTRUCTION - designs and builds a production building with an office block on Krasta Street near T/C DAMMES. In the course of the work, the planned complex is approximately 3000m2, with luxurious office premises, logistics chamber and modern infrastructure. It is planned to be commissioned in 2022.


Development of an office block on Krasta Street

Client:   A-ES
Place: near LIDO, Krasta Street
Area: 2500 m2
Execution of works: 2020-2022.

A-ES GROUP CONSTRUCTION - designs and plans the construction of an apartment building in a prospective block near LIDO, Krasta Street

The multi-apartment building is designed for up to 6 floors of comfortable apartments, with private parking spaces and a recreation area. the object is divided into two layers.

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