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Construction of an apartment building in Mežparka

Client:   SIA “SALTEM”
Place:   Riga, Visbijas prospekts 45
Area: 2, 167.8 m2
Year completed:   2014

In 2014, we completed the work on the "Luxury" class house, which is located in the Mežapark district. It was necessary to finish the interior and restore the stairs.

Before starting the work, a precise project was drawn up, in which all the client's requirements were listed and all the details were considered.

Challenges and Solutions

What was done:

  • Painting of windows, walls and ceilings: The surfaces to be treated were cleaned and prepared. Then polishing the wall plaster to achieve a perfectly flat surface. A primer and several layers of paint are applied. All materials used guarantee resistance to fading and abrasion.

  • Wall waterproofing: Combined waterproofing technology was used, which allows to achieve better results.

  • Assembly of plasterboard structures: The stairs and part of the walls were first covered with special plasterboard, and then the decorative plaster was applied. All structures were built according to a previously developed scheme to avoid errors that may arise in contact with other interior elements.

  • Installed wooden skirting boards 140 mm high. All seams are taped and sealed.

  • The work was carried out at a high level thanks to our team's extensive experience in the field of repair and construction.

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