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Construction of a four-story private house

Client: SIA «Lat Eco House» and SIA «Artmere espasumi»
Place: Jurmala, Kaapu 131
Area: 1245 m2

Our company participated in the construction of a four-story "Elite" class residential building with a basement. A non-standard type of project, supplemented with complicated, decorative Art Nouveau elements. The project included the creation of a facade, interior construction and finishing works, stairs. The customer set a mandatory requirement for the highest quality work performance and the use of "Premium" class materials.

Challenges and solutions:

To cope with the large-scale complex task, the best specialists with high qualifications and many years of experience were selected. The "Elite" level building project included the implementation of both interior and exterior works. On the outside of the building, complex concrete structures of non-standard shapes were built in the shortest possible time. The final treatment of the facade was realized with decorative plaster.

Indoors, the installation of stairs and retaining walls, installation of skylights was carried out. Including architectural elements and support structures, massive Art Nouveau concrete stairs and other curved concrete structures. Also, a fireplace shaft was built, floors were poured, decorative windowsills were installed and decorative hanging structures were assembled.

Thanks to the cohesion of our team, the use of the highest quality construction and finishing materials, as well as modern construction methods, all the works were completed and handed over to the customer on time.

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