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Interior works of commercial buildings

Client:   SIA “LNK Industries”
Place:   Riga,  Piedrujas iela 7a
Completion Year:   2018

This was a multi-functional and interesting project, carrying out high-quality finishing works that had to be completed within a short time frame and within a certain budget.

The project included:

  • Two separate storage rooms should be created;

  • Construction of plasterboard partitions;

  • Construction works of fireproof structures;

  • Tiling works;

  • Ceiling, wall painting works;

Challenges and solutions

Combinations of intense color shades were chosen for finishing works.

There are many complex nuances to consider when using intense color tones, as with intense color tones you can see every little flaw and defect.

As well as performing this process, it was necessary to paint the walls not twice, as is usually accepted, but five times in order to have a quality effect;

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