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Construction of the historical building

Client:   SIA "RBSSKALS"
Place:   Riga, Strēlnieku iela 7
Area: 5,504.5 m2
Year of completion: 2015

Our company was given the task of building and finishing two residential houses in the center of Riga.
The work was complicated by the fact that the construction building was very close to the historical buildings under the protection of UNISCO.​ Our team approached this work with full responsibility when compiling the engineering design documentation. For this purpose, studies were carried out, a detailed plan and sketches of the work to be carried out were drawn up.

Challenges and Solutions

After detailed calculations and the necessary coordinations, we started work on building structures. The construction process was carefully monitored by engineers, who accurately measured the geometric quantities. After erecting the walls, we carried out plinth finishing, cladding with cement-chipboards, floor insulation and installation of the fire protection system. 

Then the associated works were carried out: laying blocks, roofing to connect with the nearby building, installation of modular ceilings, etc.
Plasterboard partitions with complex curves were installed in the interior. 

Thanks to a carefully thought-out project and well-coordinated teamwork, all construction and finishing works were performed in a high-quality and timely manner.

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