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Construction of a complex for the elderly

Project Description

Client: Senior Riga SIA
Place: Babite, Lapsa, Briežu 3
Area: 280 m2
Work progress: August-December 2017. / Completion of work March 2021.

In this project, we worked as a general contractor, we provided full-cycle construction works, starting with the foundation of the house and ending with putting the building into operation.

 Senior House buildings is one of the few nursing home projects in Latvia, where special and cozy living conditions and environment are provided for people with special needs. Such a project was started to take care of our senior citizens. A "Premium" class nursing home campus of various types of semi-detached houses is being built on one plot of land.

The buildings are intended for 14-16 persons, which are arranged to provide all necessary care, personnel and medical provision for people with special needs.

Our task was to design and build a ready-to-use nursing home that meets modern requirements for people of respectable age. All elements of the building were coordinated with the organization Apeirons. During the creation of the project, special attention was paid to ensure that elderly people with mobility impairments feel comfortable in the operation of the project. Our duties included not only building construction and decoration, but also installation of engineering communications and creating the most comfortable conditions for people with special needs.

Challenges and Solutions:

  • Before starting the creation of the project, our team carefully studied the requirements and recommendations of the norms of the Apeirons organization. For more comfortable living for people with mobility impairments, thresholds and other obstacles that could interfere with movement in a wheelchair were eliminated throughout the building. Supports and special fasteners are installed in the facilities. Marking and pictography of elements was done for the convenience of visually impaired people. During the documentation development process, we received and considered various instructions from Apeirons and other related organizations.

  • After final coordination and approval of the project at the Ministry of Welfare, the Health Inspectorate, the Fire and Rescue Service, we started construction work.

  • We completed the full cycle of preparation, construction and finishing works. We also installed and connected all engineering communications. An important construction criterion was safety and an accessible environment.

  • Separately, it is worth mentioning that our company hand-made special trainers for people with mobility impairments, as well as beds "without back pain". The bed for growing vegetables is located on the rise. It can also be accessed in a wheelchair, as when driving up to the table. For the purpose of setting up all the simulators, an area was built where we installed: simulators for fingers, legs, joints and brain activity.

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