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Quality construction works

We carefully evaluate each stage of construction. First of all, we develop and coordinate with you a work plan that takes into account all requirements, needs and opportunities for the project. Next, we develop a detailed estimate. We coordinate the estimate with you. After confirming the calculations, we sign the contract with you and start the work. We are completely open to our customers, we inform about the work progress continuously. Construction works are carried out according to the highest precision, and we also have building materials at manufacturers' prices. We provide construction works according to the highest standards.

Construction works and their services:

  • dismantling of an old building, cleaning the territory and other preparatory activities;

  • design construction of residential and non-residential buildings, creating interior and facade design projects;

  • construction of low-rise buildings;

  • installation of wooden, concrete and metal structures;

  • appliance and roof repair;

  • repair and reconstruction of buildings.

A-ES Group Construction Ltd. is one of the leading organizations involved in all spectrum construction and logistics services. Our advantages are speed, strict adherence to deadlines, effective prices, qualified employees, high quality and reliability. We guarantee a safe, comfortable, quality construction result. We use proven materials and technologies. Order construction, repair or reconstruction from us, and we will satisfy your wishes.

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