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Decoration of an apartment building

Client:   SIA “BŪVE PLUS”
Place:   Riga, Rembates street 8, 10
Object Size: Ten floors and a basement.

In 2015, our company completed the first work in a residential area in Purciem. Our task was interior finishing works, living and common areas in a 10-story building.

Challenges and solutions

  •       In the installation of plasterboard constructions, our team invested a lot of work in the creation of multi-level ceilings, niches and various curved partitions.

  • Cosmetic finishing and painting. Walls and floors were leveled in all rooms, and high-quality finishing and surface painting were done at the end. All works were carried out in accordance with the prepared design-project and coordinated with the customer.

  • Waterproofing: Our team carried out waterproofing in the basement, bathroom floors and walls to protect the premises from the effects of moisture. In addition, all plasterboard and wood surfaces were treated to prevent mold and micro-organisms.

  • Tiling: In the work we used tiles of different sizes, including mosaics, depending on the specific space of the project. The work was carried out by masters   with a lot of experience in laying tiles, so all the work was done in high quality with a guarantee that the tiles will last for many years.

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