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Elevator lining of the PARK INN BY Radisson hotel

Client:   SIA “LNK Industries”
Place:   Krogu iela 1, Riga
Area: 7,910.87 m2
Year of Completion:   2016

In 2016, our company completed the interior works of the large brand Radisson hotel.

The task was to create a laundry chute system and design the elevator in accordance with the corporate style.

Challenges and solutions

The interior appearance of elevators in Radisson hotels is kept strictly in corporate style. Our company was to design the elevators on each floor in a uniform style of stainless steel and decorative laminate.

The laundry chute was assembled according to a project developed by us. We use only hygienic materials that prevent the accumulation of dust and bacteria.

The elevator doors were equipped with automation - if one door was opened, the other door was blocked. This safety measure is necessary to prevent injury when loading laundry. All washing line shafts were equipped with natural ventilation, which prevents unpleasant odors.

One of the main requirements of Radisson is the highest quality and flawless appearance of each element.

Experienced masters, reliable equipment and proven materials allowed us to complete all construction and finishing works according to the highest quality criteria.  Thanks to the professionalism of our team, we managed to meet the customer's strict deadlines.

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