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RTU library construction

Client:   SIA «LNK Industries»
Place:   Riga, Paula valdena street 3/7
Area: ~3,400 m2
Completion Year:   2015

Our company carried out internal reconstruction works in the scientific library of Riga Technical University. Our task was to create multi-level ceilings, plasterboard constructions and, in the final stage, finishing of all rooms.

Challenges and solutions

Before starting the work, the walls and ceiling were carefully leveled using a proven plaster that ensures quality.

While developing the project, specialists drew up an accurate drawing of plasterboard constructions in the specialized program. The obtained data were transferred to the desktop.

Next, metal rails were installed along marked lines. Wooden beams were used in places subject to heavy loads (door slots, windows).

On the finished rails and beams, the workers mounted plasterboard boards. All gaps were taped and puttyed. In the final stage – the final decoration of the premises. All surfaces are prepared and then coated with a durable paint coating. According to the design project, tiles were laid in some places.

Thanks to the high qualification and extensive work experience of our team, all works were performed with high quality and on time.

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