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Purchase of building materials

Construction and repair are impossible without the use of building materials, which is why it is important to find where to buy them. The modern market offers a wide assortment of building materials and their dealers.


Group of companies A-ES Group Construction is an ideal combination of high quality and low price of building materials. We carefully select our suppliers and keep an eye on our price updates. Thanks to German cooperation partnersHanseGrand, our building materials are of high quality and at manufacturers' prices.

We also produce various types of concrete products in Latvia, structures, concrete wall blocks, landscaping concrete products and much more. We work according to individual orders.


Do you want to find out more detailed information about building materials?

Road surfaces

Road surfaces for roads, parking lots, parks and various areas

Pavements for pedestrians and cyclists

Tree and shrub landscaping coverings (geomaterials)

Dynamic "HanseMineral" road surface

A landscaping solution without a base layer

Economic road surfaces

Keramzite products for strengthening road surfaces and foundations

Water blocking cover
(Hydraulic Engineering)

Sand for filling pavement joints

We develop building materials from concrete on site

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