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  • Digging trenches for communications, excavating soil for various purposes, vertical planning of the territory;

  • Excavation and deepening of ponds, pools, etc.;

  • Removal of construction debris, ground cleaning;

  • Laying of sand-gravel and earth pads;

  • Earth filling and compaction;

  • Dewatering.

  • One of the most requested earthworks is digging a construction pit for foundations and digging trenches for various communications. 

  • We remind you: if the engineering communication is laid near an open trench, then according to Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 281 For the requirements of paragraphs 53 and 54, executive measurement is performed at an open trench. On the other hand, it is the duty of the builder to ensure the possibility of making appropriate measurements.

Excavation of a construction pit

First, we conduct a geodetic survey of the area with the aim of analyzing the soil properties. It is important to know the groundwater level in order to take waterproofing and dewatering measures in time, in case of an imminent collapse. The next step is marking the construction pit, calculating its dimensions. It is equally important to remove the excavated soil on time. We know that the quality of the excavated construction pit affects the strength and safety of the foundation. That is why only highly qualified specialists with extensive work experience work for us.


Trenches are dug to lay various communications: water pipes, electrical networks, etc
The company group  A-ES Group Construction owns modern and efficient machines and tools, capable of processing soil quickly and qualitatively in any area. However, it is not always possible to use construction machinery. As, for example, hard-to-reach places or nearby communications require manual labor.

We provide all types of earthworks services using manual labor and construction machinery.

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