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Engineering networks

Modern houses are not only walls and roofs, but also various communications that ensure safe and comfortable living.

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine life not only without electricity or water supply, but also without the Internet, heating and gas pipeline.


A group of companies A-ES Group Construction designs, assembles and maintains various engineering networks: water supply, sewerage, electricity supply, gas, waste pipes, heating, ventilation, laundry outlets. Hundreds of organizations and individuals have already used our services.

Why choose us?

Advantages of A-ES Group Construction:

  • High quality of work. Extensive work experience and high qualification of employees allow us to create perfectly functioning networks in the most difficult conditions;

  • Professional specialists. Our team includes the best specialists, proven in work over the years;

  • We strictly follow all necessary standards and norms;

  • Low prices, flexible discount system. Having carefully studied the modern construction market, we can say with confidence that there is no better offer, price / quality, than with us. In addition, we offer discounts for all types of work for regular customers;

  • Deadlines and punctuality. The date of completion of the work is guaranteed unchanged in the contract;

·    Quality materials and professional equipment.

In addition, our specialists carry out reconstruction and repair of existing systems.
We guarantee the perfect functioning of our installed engineering networks for more than 2 years.

We have extensive experience in construction and repair works, which is why we are not afraid of difficulties and complex objects. A-ES Group Construction specialists use the latest communication technologies. By contacting us, you will realize the goals related to engineering networks.

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