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Restoration of a historical building in Old Riga

Client:   SIA "RCBS"
Place:   Riga, Miesnieku iela 13, 15, 17.
Completion Year:   2015

In the period from 2014 to 2016, our company has restored three buildings on Miesnieku street - in the historical center of Riga. The house is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, for this very reason we had a huge responsibility. 

Challenges and solutions

Restoration is a very complicated and labor-intensive process. The result depends on the smallest details. Before starting construction, we did a lot of preparatory work.

Photo materials, plans, descriptions and sketches were collected from the archives to accurately restore the interior spaces, facade and roof. According to the received data, our specialists developed the necessary calculations to determine the sizes of the structures, planned the engineering communications and matched the materials to be as similar as possible to the originals.

Our completed works:

  • Restoration of historical plaster;

  • Restoration and display of the historical wall;

  • Work on building facades;

  • Work on furnace restoration;

  • In the internal interior, restoration, according to historical data, to achieve as much as possible  a pristine appearance.

All restoration works were carried out in strict accordance with the restoration regulations for the restoration of cultural objects and monuments. All historical features were taken into account, historical data was collected, as well as recommendations of historians and artists.

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