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Roof and facade repair

Place: Rīgas gatve 8,  Ādaži,  Ādažu county,  LV-2164
Area: 4000 m2

There are two types of roof repair - flat and pitched roofs, which use different materials and repair process. This project used a flat roof repair, which is easier to perform than a pitched roof repair, as there is no need to dismantle the roof before performing the repair. Of course, there are exceptions, in cases where the roof covering is in a technically critical condition. This was a bit of a challenge, not with the technical activities of the job, but with the deadlines. The 4000m2 roof area was completely renovated in 3.5 weeks.

In the course of the work, the following was carried out:

  • Inspection of the roof covering using special equipment to find and localize roof water leaks;

  • Installation of ventilation systems in roofing;

  • Opening and restoration of damaged layers;

  • A high-quality coating restoration was carried out

Feel free to contact our industry specialists, we will evaluate the object, draw up an estimate so that you can find out the roof repair prices, and we will also advise and conduct construction works from AZ! We provided high-quality and efficient roof and facade repairs in short working terms.

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