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Construction of RTU laboratory building

Project Description

Client:   SIA «LNK Industries»
Place:   Riga, Āzenes iela, laboratory building RTU
Area: 5,568.9 m2

Completion Year:   2015

The task of our company was the construction of the laboratory building, which belonged to Riga Technical University (RTU). It was necessary to complete the decoration of the interior rooms and stairs, as well as to install radiation protection for the laboratory.

Before starting the work, the customer approved the interior design of the laboratory building developed by us. All the details for the creation of the new environment were carefully thought out in order to properly divide the surface into zones.

Challenges and Solutions

Our team has a lot of experience in repairing premises, which is why all the finishing was done according to the algorithm, allowing more efficient use of staff time and resources. All repairs were carried out, starting with the dirtiest work and ending with the cleanest. At first, radiation protection was installed. It was done according to international standards and using proven materials. Later, the walls and ceiling were leveled. All surfaces were prepared for final finishing. The last stage was painting the walls, gluing wallpaper and installing some decorative elements. 

Thanks to the professionalism of the employees, precise organizational process and production tools, we managed to complete all the works in the fastest possible time.

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