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British International School

Place: Turaidas iela 1, Pinki, Babite

Improvement works have been carried out within the scope of the task. Before the start of work, the preparation of work execution projects was carried out. Developed detailed nodes, details details. The work was complicated both by massive sliding gates of non-standard size or 14 meters, and by the construction of fences, which was complicated from the point of view of production.


Taking into account the relief of the territory and the uniqueness of practically every element, precise detailed drawings were prepared, ensuring both the correct transition in heights and the step of the struts.

Manufactured in accordance with the strict technological maps of SIA "A-ES GROUP Construction", electroplating was carried out, providing a layer of hot zinc application with the help of our cooperation partner, passivation, powder coating in two layers. As a result, high precision, production of finished elements and later assembly at the facility was ensured.

Massive gates and entrance gates were also produced according to the similar technology of SIA "A-ES GROUP Construction". The assembly of all structures in the object was carried out, concreted, in accordance with the calculations for the supporting elements. Automation and the necessary infrastructure are provided for all systems.

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